Arrangement of Solid Wood Dining Table and Chairs in a Restaurant

When decorating a dining room, many people tend to consider the layout of dining tables and chairs. There are various types of dining tables and chairs, and some people struggle with how to arrange them in their kitchens. In fact, it can be done based on the overall style of the space. Here are some tips on the layout of solid wood dining room table and chairs in a dining room.

Solid wood dining room table and chairs in different colors

Light-colored solid wood dining table chairs

The overall color tone of light-colored solid wood dining table chairs, such as oak and beech wood table and chairs, tends to be white and light. They go well with simple and light-colored spaces, providing comfort and elegance. Moreover, they are affordable for young people.

Moderate wood-colored solid wood dining room table and chairs

Dining tables and chairs made of materials like cherry wood have a moderate wood color tone, which is simple and classy. They are suitable for spaces with a simple and steady atmosphere, appealing to all generations.

Dark wood-colored solid wood dining room table and chairs

The dining tables and chairs in a dark wood color such as walnut create a mature, stable atmosphere, which is suitable for spaces with advanced designs. In addition, the combination of solid wood dining room table and chairs in a dark wood color with a modern and simple design renders a sense of modernity and simplicity without appearing clumsy, which makes it one of the favorite designs for many people.

Maintenance of solid wood dining room table and chairs

Made by a professional wooden dining table supplier, solid wood dining room table and chairs should be placed far from the door, window, and air outlet where air circulation is strong, and away from sunlight. In winter, they should not be placed near the heating, and should avoid an indoor temperature that is too high. The temperature indoors should be a comfortable temperature, as when wearing a sweater. In summer, air conditioning should be turned on to reduce the humidity, to prevent the expansion and cracking of the mortise and tenon structure.

Solid wood dining table and chairs should be kept clean by wiping them with a clean cloth. It is not recommended to use chemical brighteners, which may damage the paint film. To maintain the glossiness of the dining table, you can grind walnuts, remove the skin, and then polish with three layers of gauze to remove oil. Dust is actually an abrasive particle, so when wiping the dust, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it gently along the wood grain. Using a hard and dry cloth to wipe the paint surface will cause the paint to become marked and lose its luster. You can wax the furniture every six months or once a year, which is helpful in protecting the dining table. If you want to move the solid wood dining table, lift it instead of dragging to avoid loosening the overall structure of the dining table.

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