How to Choose a High-Quality Solid Wood Dining Table from Various Perspectives?

How to choose a good set of dining table and chairs is closely related to the money you spend on buying the dining table and whether it is worth it. A good set of dining table and chairs can not only increase the value of your home decoration, but also enhance the dining atmosphere. Today, let's talk about dining table and chairs, taking solid wood dining table as an example, how to choose a dining table from various aspects.

Look at the appearance of the wooden table

Check whether the surface film of the solid OEM wooden dining table is smooth and bright, whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, wrinkles, and damage; whether the edge sealing of each component is tight and straight, whether the surface is smooth and flat, whether there are scratches. Also, check whether there is a big color difference in the tabletop panel. If it is solid wood, there will be a certain color difference, and whether the patterns are consistent. It is difficult for pure solid wood to have the same pattern, unless it is taken from the middle section of a whole tree, but this possibility is almost zero.

Look at the craftsmanship of the wooden table

You can observe whether the solid wood dining table and chairs are finely crafted from the combination parts. Check whether the structure of the solid wood dining table and chairs is reasonable, whether the framework is upright and firm. For overall structured furniture, every connecting point, including the horizontal and vertical connecting points, must be tight and without gaps or looseness. Gently push it with your hand, if there is any shaking or creaking, it means that the structure is not sturdy. The service life of a piece of furniture made of wooden table material is closely related to the high-quality of the hardware connection components. The tightness of the hardware components itself determines the overall tightness of the furniture.

The size of the wooden table

Furniture should not only look beautiful but also be practical. Whether furniture size complies with ergonomic principles and standard sizes determines whether furniture is convenient to use. The height of the wooden table should not be less than 80cm and not exceed 85cm. The classic rattan chairs should be 45-48cm. The dining table and chair should be proportional, and if the table is higher, the chair will be relatively higher.

Look at the environmental protection of the wooden table

Solid wood dining tables are deeply loved by consumers due to their natural and environmentally friendly materials. When choosing a solid wood dining table, from an environmental protection perspective, clear varnish or wood wax oil can be used for coating process. Clear varnish and wood wax oil are suitable for various solid wood materials, and wood wax oil is higher in environmental protection level than clear varnish.

The functionality of the wooden table

Before purchasing a solid wood dining table, we need to determine how large our dining area is, so we can better decide the size and shape of the wooden table. A long solid wood dining table requires a larger dining area, and a circular table feels relatively smaller. Irregular tables are even smaller and more suitable for two people to use. Folding tables have fewer requirements and are more flexible.

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