How to Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Solid Wood Dining Table?

View the relevant certificates for wooden table chairs

When purchasing, first check whether there is a certification mark; second, you can check whether there is a quality inspection report, whether it meets national production standards, and whether there are other relevant production qualification certificates. At the same time, it is necessary to recognize the manufacturer's name, origin, and production license information. If necessary, you can search the Internet for certification to avoid being cheated.

Check the wood grain of wooden table chairs

The texture on the surface of solid wood dining tables can directly reflect the quality, so consumers should carefully observe when selecting. If the surface of the solid wood dining chair and table has a clear and neat grain structure, it indicates that the quality is better and worth buying. At the same time, check whether there are many scars and knots. If the knots on the front and back sides are not evenly aligned, it indicates a low-quality product and is not suitable for purchase.

Check the workmanship of wooden table chairs

The production process of the product can also reflect the quality, by carefully checking whether the surface of the solid wood dining table has scratches, cracks, spots, and other defects. At the same time, gently shake it to see if it is strong and stable. In addition, check whether the splicing of the solid wood table and chairs is natural. If there are obvious gaps, it indicates poor quality and is not suitable for purchase.

Check the material of wooden table chairs

There are many types of solid wood, and different materials have different qualities and usage effects. The high-quality solid wood materials are water elm, teak, and oak, while the mid-range materials are beech, pine, and fir, etc. The prices of different grades of wood also vary greatly. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences and economic conditions.

Check the moisture content of wooden table chairs

The moisture content of chairs for OEM wooden dining table directly affects the quality and service life. The moisture content is not lower, or higher is better, but rather should maintain a suitable water content. If the moisture content does not meet the standard, the product is easy to become damp or cracked. Consumers can ask the merchant to provide the corresponding test report when purchasing, to see if it meets the national standard data.

Smell the wooden table chairs

Consumers can use the odor to distinguish the quality when choosing. If the solid wood dining table is environmentally safe, it will emit a light woody fragrance. Conversely, if the product has a strong irritating odor, it may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and long-term use may affect human health, so it is not suitable for purchase.

Tap the wooden table chairs to listen to the sound

In addition to distinguishing the quality by smell, listening to the sound can also distinguish the quality. Lightly tap it with a small wooden stick. If it makes a pleasant and crisp sound, it indicates that the density is high and the wood is of good quality. If it makes a dull sound, it indicates poor quality.

The price of wooden table chairs

A penny for a penny, so the price of chairs for wooden table also reflects the quality, so consumers should not be greedy for cheap when selecting. You can check out several stores and choose the one with the highest cost performance for purchase. Of course, it is not necessary to choose an expensive dining table. You can choose according to the actual situation of your home.

Check the brand of wooden table chairs

International big brands have strict requirements for their products, and product quality can be well guaranteed. Therefore, consumers should try to purchase from well-known brand stores. At the same time, brand stores can also provide good after-sales services, which can help people save a lot of trouble.

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