How Should Bar Tables and Chairs Be Designed?

For leisure and entertainment places such as bars, tables and chairs are the most important furniture. Bar dining chairs in wood are a necessary tool for bar consumers and an essential part of bar decoration. The quality of bar tables and chairs is determined by their design. The following introduces you to the design considerations for bar tables and chairs.

1. Appearance design of bar dining chairs in wood

The bar is a classic place, but if you want to add a bright spot to the bar, the bar tables and chairs made by wooden table factory must incorporate the most fashionable and popular elements in the design process. The bar tables and chairs designed by the manufacturer are more suitable for entertainment places such as bars in terms of visual effect. In addition, the visual effects that each bar wants to show are different. For example, most European bars choose retro classic designs, giving people a heavy sense of history; while American bars try their best to show their rough side; Scandinavian style design The bar is more focused on the quality of life. It will apply many natural elements to the bar decoration. Walking into the bar will give people a simple feeling of walking into the native forest.

These bars with different styles and expressions require different bar wooden table & chair designs. The style of bar tables and chairs must be determined according to the overall decoration style and overall style of the bar.

2. The material design of the bar dining chairs in wood

In terms of material selection, many bar tables and chairs are made of high-quality new pine log tabletop and chair surface, plus wrought iron table frame and chair frame design. The collision of logs and steel is the best way to express the American industrial retro style. In different bars, you can see bar tables and chairs made of different materials. Designers choose these materials, in addition to their appearance, they also need to consider the physical properties of these materials. For example, in the design of bar wooden tables and chairs, the load-bearing part of the wooden frame will use high-quality hardwood to increase the load-bearing and strength of the table and chair, while the countertop will use wood with a more beautiful texture, if the wood is softer, the surface will be scratch-resistant.

3. The cost of bar dining chairs in wood

The production cost of bar wooden dining table and chairs design consists of two parts: material cost and processing cost. Bar table and chair designers should fully consider the economy of bar table and chair production when designing bar tables and chairs. Under the same conditions, it is not only necessary to choose the materials of bar tables and chairs with high cost performance, but also to fully consider the processing performance of these raw materials. Choose raw materials that are easy to process. This will help reduce the processing cost of bar tables and chairs, ultimately reduce the total production cost of bar tables and chairs, reduce the price of bar tables and chairs, and help improve the market competitiveness of bar table and chair manufacturers.

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