How to Choose Coffee Tables for Living Room?

For many households, a tea table is a main piece of furniture in the living room, providing temporary storage, tea and cup placement, and a convenient temporary storage experience. If the living room area is large enough, having a tea table is still a good choice. So what should we pay attention to when decorating and choosing a tea table?

The shape of the coffee tables for living room: square, round, irregular

The common OEM coffee table for living room are square and round, while in some more modern and stylish living rooms, unique-shaped designs are also used.

Square tea table

If the living room area is relatively large and the sofa is long, it is generally recommended to choose a square tea table. This way, the tea table can provide convenient use for all seats of the sofa.

Round tea table

For relatively compact living rooms with shorter tea table, it is also worth considering using round tea tables. All sides of the round tea table are circular, which can prevent us from bumping into it when we move around the living room. If the area is relatively compact, a round tea table is more suitable.

Irregular tea table

In some more avant-garde and stylish living rooms, irregular tea tables can also be chosen, but the premise is that the area of the living room should be large enough, otherwise, the small-sized irregular tea table will look awkward. For avant-garde and stylish living rooms, an irregular tea table can be used. If you choose irregular or square wooden coffee table for living room, it is recommended to have rounded corners at the corners to avoid sharp corners. After all, the living room is a space with frequent activities, and tea tables with sharp corners will have significant safety hazards. Avoid sharp corners as much as possible no matter what tea table you choose.

The size of the coffee tables for living room: ensure smooth movement

How to determine the size of the tea table? This mainly depends on the size of the living room. The two main movements that have a more direct impact is the distance between the tea table and the sofa, and the distance between the tea table and the TV cabinet. With these two movements guaranteed, the size of the tea table can be freely selected.

Tea table and sofa

The distance between the sofa and the tea table is generally around 40cm, so that when sitting on the sofa, the feet will not touch the tea table. If it is too crowded, you will have to sit with your hands and feet tied up. If the sofa and the coffee tables for living room are too tight, it is easy to bump knees when getting up.

Tea table and TV cabinet

The distance between the coffee tables for living room and the TV cabinet is generally about 1 meter, and the size of this position needs to take into account housework and daily walking. Therefore, it needs to be kept loose enough, so that walking is not affected, and the living room space feels more spacious. There should be enough distance between the tea table and the TV cabinet to maintain smooth movement during housework and walking.

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