Recommended Color Combinations for Solid Wood Dining Tables and Chairs

The natural texture of raw wood is a popular element in home decoration, often seen in wall panels and custom-made cabinets, creating a space that is elegantly natural. In addition to the fundamental hardware, the overall effect of pairing with wooden furniture design is simple and comfortable, and can make the space appear more natural and elegant. The most common wooden furniture is the dining table, which can be put in different shades, giving the dining atmosphere a sophisticated, dignified and ceremonious feeling. Below, we will share some solid wood dining set and chair layouts that young people prefer and see which color and style suit you best!

Light-colored solid wood dining table and chairs

Light-colored dining tables and chairs made from materials such as oak and white wax wood, have a relatively white and light overall color, which matches the simple and light color space, giving people a comfortable and exquisite feeling. This type of solid wood dining room sets and chair is also more suitable price-wise for young people.

Medium-wood color solid wood dining table and chairs

Dining tables and chairs made from materials such as cherry wood have a medium-wood color and a simple and classy overall texture. They are suitable for simple spaces with a steady temperament, and this type of wood color is a choice that is appealing to both young and old.

Dark-wood color wooden dining table and chairs

Dining tables and solid wood dinning chair with a darker color, such as those made from walnut wood, have a more calm and dignified dining atmosphere, which is suitable for a more mature design style. Combining this dark wood color with modern and simple design can bring a sense of modern generosity and steady high-end quality, without appearing bulky, making it a design that many people like.

We suggest choosing pure solid wood for wooden furniture, as finished furniture made of engineered boards such as particle board and medium density fiberboard are prone to damage. Among pure solid wooden materials, rubberwood is the cheapest, but this type of wood has poor quality. Those with a small budget can consider white oak or white waxwood, which provide better value for money.

When purchasing dining tables and chairs from wooden chair manufacturers, solid wood ones are generally more popular. Before purchasing, having a rough idea of the expected price will make it easier to choose a brand. If you want to choose a brand, you should have some understanding of the quality and after-sales service of that brand.

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