Transforming an Old Classic Rattan Chair with Cross Stitch Remodeling

The classic rattan chair was very common in early homes, and its breathable, comfortable and cool characteristics made it an indispensable chair for hot summer days. Many people should still have classic rattan chair in their home, although it is not as modern as today's home, but it also has a unique charm. In this article, Lulufurniture will introduce how to use cross stitch to transform an old classic rattan chair into your favorite look.

Cleaning Classic Rattan Chair

The first thing you need to do before remodeling your old classic rattan chair is to clean it. First, use a brush to wipe off the dust on it and then use a rag to clean it well. If you are more demanding, you can use sandpaper to sand off the paint on the surface of the old classic rattan chair and repaint it with varnish. This way the chair will look new and reveal the original color of the beautiful material.

Choice of Color

Colorful cross stitch is a craft that combines traditional embroidery with modern aesthetics, and it is known for its rich colors and diverse patterns. By cross weaving embroidery threads of different colors into a beautiful pattern, it brings infinite creativity and possibilities for home decoration. The solid geometric colors are modern and stylish, mixing and matching with the old style of classic rattan chair.

Remodeling Process

  • Design Pattern: First of all, we can design a cross stitch pattern suitable for classic rattan chair according to our own preferences and home style. The pattern can be simple and generous, or complex and exquisite, the key is to coordinate with the style of classic rattan chair.

  • Fixing the embroidery thread: Fix one end of the embroidery thread with a tool at a suitable position such as the back or armrest of the classic rattan chair. In this way, we can start to embroider according to the design.

  • Embroidery process: When embroidering, pay attention to keep the embroidery thread flat and the color even. You can use different stitches and embroidery threads according to the needs of the design to make the design more vivid and interesting.

  • Perfecting the details: After finishing the embroidery, we can also perfect the details, such as trimming the extra embroidery threads, adjusting the position of the pattern and so on. In this way, a remodeled classic rattan chair is finished.

People who love life are always happy to remodel old things, using whimsical handmade fabrics and household items for infinite creations. Find that dusty old classic rattan chair at home and complete your own makeover. 

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