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We are the leading wooden chair manufacturer of wooden dining room chairs and tables. Our products are made of high-quality materials, following the strictest rules, which makes solid wood table chairs very sturdy and durable. We have a long-standing experience with furniture production and after-sales service.

Wooden chairs and tables are essential elements of furniture that bring both functionality and aesthetic appeal to various spaces. The process of crafting these pieces involves selecting high-quality wood, cutting and shaping the materials, joining the components, assembling them together, and applying finishes. Upholstery may also be added for added comfort and style. Through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and the use of specialized equipment, wooden chairs, and tables are created to provide durability, beauty, and a touch of natural elegance to homes, offices, restaurants, and other settings.

What Does Lulu Furniture Supply?

Lulu Furniture, as one of the top wooden table suppliers in China, supplies a wide range of wholesale wooden furniture with customized styles and sizes. Below are our available custom wooden products:

Custom wooden dining table

OEM coffee table

Wooden dining room chairs

Custom wooden bar stool

We also provide OEM wooden dining chair and table services.

View our hot-selling OEM wooden products:

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