What Are the Types of Solid Wood Dining Room Tables?

There are many materials for dining tables, and solid wood dining tables are a popular kind because they are durable, long-lasting, and made of natural and environmentally friendly materials. There are many kinds of solid wood dining tables made from different materials, and the prices for each vary. Today, let's introduce the different kinds of wooden dining tables.

Introduction to wooden dining tables

A solid wood dining table made by a wooden dining table supplier is a table made mainly of solid wood for dining. Generally, furniture made of solid wood rarely contains other materials. Both the four legs and panels of the table are made of solid wood (some tables may have only three legs or more than four legs, but usually they have four legs). The connection between the four legs is made by drilling holes in each pillar between the four legs, and the connection between the panel and the four legs is mostly the same. Of course, a few are combined with other materials such as glue or nails.

Introduction to different kinds of wooden dining tables

Elm solid wood dining table and chairs

Elm wood is very popular for dining tables and chairs because of its natural and beautiful grain, hard texture, straight and rugged lines, comfortable touch, and unique rustic and natural colors and charm, all representing a particular style and culture. Elm wood furniture with beautiful shapes, excellent material, and exquisite workmanship is worth collecting. Therefore, high-end elm wood dining tables are relatively expensive.

Oak solid wood dining table and chairs

Oak wood is a unique wood in the southern region of China. The texture is clear, the wood is uniform, and the color is soft and smooth. It is heavier and harder than most ordinary hardwoods. Compared with yellow oak and other ordinary oaks, red oak is reddish, gorgeous, hard, and extremely popular and is the main material for luxury furniture on the high-end luxury market.

Rubber solid wood dining table and chairs

The wood grain of rubber wood dining table and chairs is not very obvious, the texture is relatively hard, and the color is not very pure. Therefore, the price of rubber wood dining tables such as is slightly lower than that of other solid wood dining tables.

Water-quenched larch solid wood dining table and chairs

The wood structure of water-quenched larch is coarse, beautiful in grain, lustrous, hard, elastic and tough, wear-resistant, and moisture-resistant, but it is difficult to dry and is prone to warping. It has good processing performance but should be prevented from tearing. Please note that its anti-corrosion ability is not very strong. Water-quenched larch dining tables and chairs are more suitable for humid areas, and their prices are also relatively affordable.

Oak wood is also a suitable material for dining tables

Oak wood tables are more common in the market. Oak is hard, not easy to deform or shrink, and the wood is beautiful. Oak wood is the main material of solid wood dining table chairs.

So today we have covered the different kinds of solid wood dining tables. We believe that you have a good understanding of the types of solid wood dining tables, and in the future, you can choose the right one according to your actual situation, as the price of different wooden dining tables made of different materials varies.

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