What Type of Wood is Best for Solid Wood Dining Tables?

Buying a solid wood dining table is not only elegant and stylish but also durable, favored by many families. So what kind of wood is good for solid wood dining tables? Wooden dining tables have a softer and more natural texture, giving a retro and fashionable feeling that will not be outdated by modern fashion trends. It is not only practical furniture, but also an environmentally friendly material. Compared with other dining tables, it is not easy to break, and with time, the visual effect of a solid wood dining table will become more charming.

Walnut wood dining table

Walnut wood is divided into North American black walnut and South American walnut. Although the names are similar, the tree species are completely different and the prices are also different. North American black walnut belongs to the walnut family, is mainly produced in the eastern and western United States and California, and is a precious hardwood. Its material is compact, moderately resistant to bending, low in rigidity, has good processing performance, and has excellent corrosion resistance. South American walnut belongs to the laurel family, mainly produced in South American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, with medium hardness and belonging to a softwood category. Its bending strength and impact resistance are moderate, and its compressive strength is high but its toughness is low. If used for round-back wooden chair processing, North American black walnut is far more suitable than South American walnut, with better processing performance.

Oak is also a suitable material for making dining tables

Oak table such as oak Scandinavian dining table is more common in the market. Oak is hard, not easy to deform or shrink, and the wood is beautiful. Oak is also the main material for solid wood dining tables today.

Elmwood dining table

The texture of elm wood dining table is uniform, beautiful in texture, hard in texture, and resistant to impact. It is easy to bend under steam and not easy to deform in drying. It has good processing, coating and adhesion. White elm is light pink, and the heartwood of elm is reddish-brown to brown after drying. If the heartwood is cut during the board cutting process, there will be reddish-brown or brown stripes or ovals on the board.

Birchwood dining table

Birch wood is elastic and has obvious annual rings, so the furniture made of birch wood is smooth, wear-resistant, and has clear patterns. The processing performance of birch wood is good, the cut surface is smooth, the paint and bonding performance is good, so the birch wood furniture produced has a smooth and flat paint surface. Birch wood has a large moisture absorption and is prone to cracking and warping in dry environments, so the indoor environment for birch wood furniture should not be too dry.

Whether it is matched with modern decoration style or traditional decoration style, affordable wooden dining tables are a good choice. There are pros and cons to whether solid wood dining tables are good or not, such as the lack of special attributes due to wooden dining tables. Therefore, in use, some protective measures are needed to prevent scratches or water stains from affecting the visual beauty of the solid wood dining table. It can be seen that the quality of wooden dining table sets is good, with strong environmental protection, not only practical furniture, but also fashionable material. Compared with other dining tables, it is not easy to break, and with time, the visual effect of a solid wood dining table will become more charming.

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