Why Are Bar Wooden Chair So Tall?

The bar high wooden chair is designed with simple lines and bright colors, which highlights the modern fashion style; the flat seat of the chair is combined with solid wood material, which is safe and reliable to sit up; the personalized pedal design can increase the resistance of the bar chair and avoid slippage. foot. The bar high chair has a unique fashion design look and feel. The solid wood material makes the surface look smooth and delicate, and also makes the whole room more full of fashion style. Made of solid wood material, it has a very good bearing capacity and is not easily deformed.

1. Reasons for the high design of bar wooden chairs

In fact, if you compare it, it is easy to find that the height of a person sitting on a high-footed solid wood stool in a bar is similar to that of a person standing up. The reason for this design is that:

(1) It is easier to drink while standing than bending over, so drinking in a high chair will be more comfortable.

(2) The bar is a place for recreation after all, and if the legs of the wooden pub stools are made relatively high, the people sitting on the chairs and those standing drinking will not be embarrassed to look up. There will be no depression.

The hand carved wooden bar stools are all over 70-75 cm high up and down. Sitting at such a height is similar to the normal standing height. Another situation is that drinking while standing is much more drinking than sitting down to a very low level, and it is easy to get down. It's not too big of a gap with people who stand up and drink normally. The gap is too big and it's depressing. The area on the deck and the sofa in the bar is basically raised, so you won't feel like a dwarf. Bar chairs are divided into liftable bar chairs and non-liftable bar chairs. Most of them can be raised and lowered, and the general lifting range is between 20cm, which can be adjusted according to preferences. As long as the distance from the bar is appropriate, it is almost 20cm lower than the bar, and the height is about 60-100 cm, which is normal. It can also be increased or decreased appropriately according to the needs of the environment.

2. Guide to bar wooden chairs

The bar high wooden chair provided by wooden chairs factory is simple in shape, and we can put it on the bar counter and use it as a bar chair by using its high foot style. It can also be placed in the dining room to create a simple two-person dining room, minus the trouble of cleaning up the large dining table, and it is more convenient to use.

Its seat surface is small, so the pressure of the bar chair surface per unit area is much higher than that of the bar sofa. And if the quality of the bar chair is not good, not only the chair surface will be deformed, but even the entire bar chair will be deformed. The filling requirements of the bar chair are higher than that of the general sofa, and it is usually filled with high-density foam molding cotton that is integrally formed. It has excellent elasticity, good load-bearing capacity, strong plasticity, softness and comfort, and is not easy to deform.

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