In Use of Wooden Dinning Table, Avoid These Misconceptions

Nowadays, solid wooden dinning table &chairs have also begun to enter thousands of households. If a set of solid wooden dinning table &chair and chairs is placed at home, it not only reflects the owner's dignified status and position, but also highlights the elegant life taste. Improper use will damage the appearance of the furniture and even shorten its service life. However, many people fall into various misunderstandings when using solid wooden dinning table &chair.

Placement of solid wooden dinning table &chair

When you buy bulk wooden chairs & table and bring it home, the first thing to consider is the placement of the table. Places where sunlight often shines directly, air conditioning outlets, and fireplaces are not suitable for placing dining tables, as they can easily cause cracking and deformation; wet corners should also be taken note of, as they can cause solid wood tables and chairs to swell when exposed to moisture.

Correct method:

Wooden dining table should be 5 to 10 centimeters away from the wall for ventilation; the placement should be stable, as constant instability can cause local looseness; when moving solid wood tables and chairs, do not drag or pull hard, and when necessary, two people should lift and put them down gently.

Placement of objects on solid wooden dinning table &chair

In order to insulate and prevent marking, many households will lay a layer of tablecloths, glass, PVC tablecloths, etc. on the solid wooden dinning table &chair. This protects the dining table to a certain extent, but also reduces the quality of use of the solid wooden dinning table &chair. Let alone the reduction of aesthetics.

Correct method:

A crystal pad is recommended, which can be placed on the table when in use and removed when not in use. It is small, practical, and beautiful.

Leveling the feet of the solid wooden dinning table &chair

When the ground of the custom wooden dining table is uneven, we are influenced by traditional habits and tend to use wooden boards, iron sheets, or bricks to pad underneath. Even if the leveling is done, the unbalanced force can still cause damage to the internal structure of the dining table.

Correct method:

Refurbish the ground or use a larger area of the hard plastic board to achieve the goal of leveling the four legs of the dining table.

Repeated use of cleaning cloth on the solid wooden dinning table &chair

Sometimes we are lazy and use a dirty cloth repeatedly when cleaning the dining table. This will only cause the dirt to rub repeatedly on the surface of the dining table and damage the bright surface layer of the dining table.

Correct method:

When cleaning and maintaining the dining table, be sure to ensure that the cleaning cloth used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to flip or replace the cloth with a clean one before using it again.

Improper handling of oil stains on the solid wooden dinning table &chair

When there are oil stains on the solid wooden dinning table &chair, many people choose to use alcohol and other liquids for cleaning, thinking that this cleaning method is more thorough, but it will actually damage the surface of the table, especially for tables treated with lacquer.

Correct method:

To remove oil stains from wooden furniture, leftover tea is an excellent cleaning agent. Apply it to the furniture and then spray a small amount of cornstarch for wiping, and finally wipe off the cornstarch. Cornstarch can absorb all the dirt on the surface of the furniture, making the paint surface smooth and bright.

Wooden dining tables are more environmentally friendly and healthy compared to board dining tables, which is in line with the concept of pursuing green homes. For furniture, on the one hand, we should enjoy a good user experience, and on the other hand, we should also understand the correct usage methods to extend the service life of the furniture as much as possible.

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