Solid Wooden Dinning Table&Chair

The solid wooden dinning table&chair is relative to the common glass dining table, marble dining table, rattan dining table, in fact, in the final analysis, each material has the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of the solid wooden dinning table&chair

Among them, solid wooden dinning room table and chairs are the most environmentally friendly. The biggest advantage of the solid wooden dinning table&chair is the natural wood grain and changing natural colors. However, solid wood is easy to get wet and easily absorb dust in the wood texture. Therefore, it is best to put it in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity, and keep away from it as much as possible. Places with strong air flow should not be placed near heaters or exposed to sunlight.

2. What should be paid attention to when purchasing the solid wooden dinning table&chair?

As wooden chair manufacturers suggest, the primary condition for choosing dining tables and chairs is the area of the dining area. If the dining area is large, you can choose dining tables and chairs that are rich in heavy texture and match the space and have a moderate area. If the restaurant area is limited and the number of people dining is not certain, you can choose a folding or retractable wood restaurant table.

Secondly, it depends on the style. The style of the dining table and chairs is best matched with the decoration of the restaurant. If you are not sure, it is best to choose a dining table with the same style. Relative to the shape, the round dining table is suitable for the smaller square dining room, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is stronger. The rectangular dining table will look atmospheric, suitable for families who often have parties. Square dining tables are generally smaller and look much warmer.

3. How to choose solid wooden dinning table&chair

When choosing solid wood furniture, the first thing to check is whether the structure is firm, which can be tested by pushing it longitudinally with force or pressing it by hand. When purchasing, observe each place that should be the same color at a distance of one meter, whether the color is the same, if not, it is the color difference. The surface treatment should be observed from details such as joints and back bends, whether the joints are tight and consistent with the front. If it is a line or special-shaped style, you can look at the light to see whether it is uneven, whether the line is smooth, whether the surface paint is even, whether the hand touch is smooth, whether there are burrs, etc. Uniform, is a product with imperfect technology. So you have to look at the light. Where it is connected to the hardware, check whether the hardware and the wood are properly matched. If the workmanship is not good, it is common that there is paint on the hardware, there are scars on the wood, or there is a problem with the firmness.

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