What Are the Dimensions and Specifications of the Restaurant Solid Wood Dining Set?

Restaurants also pay attention to the purchase of solid wood dining sets, with the purpose of making customers more comfortable for meals. What are the specifications of the solid wood dining set in the restaurant? Below, Lulu International will introduce it to you for your convenience in future purchases.

1. Rectangular solid wood dining table

The size 1070mmx760mm rectangular table is a common size of the dining table. If the modern rectangular wood dining table and chairs can be extended into the bottom of the table, even in a small corner, a six-seat dining table can be placed, and when you eat, just pull out the dining table a little. The overall width of 760mm is the standard size, and it is not suitable for less than 700mm, otherwise, it will be inconvenient to touch the feet when sitting. The table feet are contracted in the middle. If the four feet are distributed in the four corners, it will be inconvenient. The table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm high and wide ratio chairs. When the table top is low, it is easier to see the food on the table.

2. Round solid wood dining set

A diameter 1200mm dining table is often too large, so a diameter 1140mm round table can be customized, which can also accommodate 8-9 people, but it looks more spacious indoors. If a dining table with a diameter greater than 900mm is used, it can accommodate more people, but it is not suitable for placing too many fixed chairs and tables. If a diameter 1200mm dining table is placed with 8 tables and chairs, it will be very crowded, and only 4-6 tables and chairs can be placed. When there are more people, folding chairs made by wooden folding chairs factories can be used and stored in the storage room.

3. Extending solid wood dining set

Extension tables are also known as extending dining tables, which can be transformed from a 900mm square table or a 1050mm diameter round table to a 1350-1700mm long dining table or oval table (various sizes), which is very suitable for large, medium and small enterprises. It is usually used with customers. This kind of solid wood dining set has been popular since the 15th century and has a history of 500 years, which is a very popular dining table. But pay attention to its mechanical equipment structure, open and close smoothly and steadily, and close conveniently. With a round table, a good indoor space can be adjusted. Another benefit of using a round table for dining is that the total number of seats is greatly improved. Just pull the chairs away from the table top a little, you can sit more people, without the disadvantage of sitting in the corner when using a square table.

4. Six-person solid wood dining set

The size of the top and bottom is more suitable. This size is good for rectangular and oval tables. Nowadays, the indoor space of restaurants is generally rectangular, so large tables and round tables are less used, and six-person rectangular wooden dining tables are the most widely used.In this paper, we introduce the size specifications of restaurant solid wood dining sets. Friends who need to purchase solid wood dining sets are welcome to contact Lulu International. For each solid wood dining set product, from design concept to use efficiency, from raw material selection to production process, give the wood board with spirituality, so as to achieve the unity of practical and aesthetic value. Therefore, it has won the love and support of our customers!

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