What Are The Common Materials Of Solid Wood Dining Table And Chairs?

We will use the dining table and chairs when we eat, especially now in the steel and concrete earth living room, we are choosing furniture, especially the dining table and chairs, you will choose solid wood dining table and chairs, solid wood dining table and chairs it is clear texture, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, and thermal insulation effect is also good, many families will choose solid wood dining table and chairs. But solid wood dining tables and chairs are also different materials, today we will talk about what are the common materials of solid wood dining tables and chairs? Explain the classification of solid wood dining table and chairs!

First, Elmwood Dining Table And Chairs

Elmwood, its grain is very beautiful and natural, and its texture is also relatively strong, touch the feel is also very comfortable, so there are many people will choose elm wood dining table and chairs, choose elm wood dining table and chairs to give a person the feeling is very stylish and taste, and some workmanship and material better elm wood furniture can also have a collection value.

Second, Ash Willow Dining Table And Chairs

Water willow is what we call beech wood, beechwood is mostly unique to Jiangnan wood, beechwood texture is clear, and its texture is uniform, the color is relatively soft kind, choose water willow dining table and chairs people should pay attention to, such wood than ordinary hardwood are heavy and hard, and beech wood is also divided into advantages and disadvantages, different kinds of quality will not be the same.

Third, Rubberwood Dining Table And Chairs

Rubberwood relative to the above two types of wood, its texture is not very obvious, but the choice of rubberwood dining table and chairs, are looking at its texture is relatively hard, but the color is not very pure, but its price compared to other solid wood words is relatively cheap, but also to meet the choice of many people.

Fourth, Pinewood Solid Wood Dining Table And Chairs

Pine furniture is more common tables and chairs, the price is cheaper than the water willow, hardness than water willow is relatively weak, but the grain is still very clear, so the appearance of the above pine is no less than water willow, only in terms of quality than the water willow is a weaker layer, and the effect of the kind of charcoal wood tables and chairs, the use of water willow and pine, the basic can do the same appearance.

Five, Birchwood Solid Wood Dining Tables And Chairs

Birch grain is very messy, made out of the quality of nature is not as good as the above two, in addition to the birch more knots, usually used in large stalls.

From the above several materials we will find that different solid wood will have their own characteristics, businessmen in the choice of solid wood dining table and chairs must be based on their actual needs to choose. At the same time more practical understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the material, especially the physical effect, so as to more deeply appreciate the different materials of solid wood dining tables and chairs.

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