How to Fix a Broken Wooden Chair?

Wooden chair refers to a chair made of wood, characterized by a wide and straight back, a long headrest, a slightly curved backrest, and a "stepped" seat with the footrest being the lowest and the sides being slightly higher, while the rear rest being the highest.

Repairing a broken wooden chair

  1. Hammer loose the tenon of the loose part of the chair.

  2. Knock off the tenon protruding part, then apply white glue, and apply it on both sides preferably.

  3. Reinstall the tenon with white glue applied, and use a rope to tighten the assembled and glued part firmly.

  4. Find a clean cloth and use banana water to clean up the excess white glue. After the white glue has glued the loose part firmly, remove the rope.

Maintenance of chair in wood

When placing solid OEM wooden dining chair, they should be placed flat to prevent the dining table wooden chairs from often being in an unstable state, causing the layout to loosen. Do not obstruct the use of other furniture such as sockets, switches, lamps, etc., and keep it 5-10CM away from the wall for good ventilation. Do not place it in a very humid place to prevent the furniture from swelling due to moisture, which can cause it to rot. It is also not suitable to be placed near air-conditioning vents or fireplaces, as it is easy to crack and deform.

Avoid placing beverages, chemical agents or hot objects on the surface of solid wood dining chairs, to avoid damaging the natural color of the wooden surface. If it is a melamine board material, when there is more dirt, it is recommended to use a diluted neutral cleaning agent with warm water to wipe it first, and then rinse with clean water. Remember to wipe off the remaining water stains with a soft dry cloth. After completely wiping it clean, use maintenance wax for polishing and the great job is done!

Almost all dining tables are afraid of heat, and wooden nordic rattan chair are no exception. Therefore, when placing hot items on the dining table, be sure to use a heat-resistant pad. Otherwise, after a meal, you will see a circle of white scale on the table, which can ruin your mood. To remove the white scale on the wooden dining table, use cotton soaked with camphor oil to wipe back and forth along the trace of the white scale. If you need to remove the white scale from glass, pour some machine oil on the area with white scale, and use an old stocking to wipe it off.

Scratches on dining tables are most common in families with children. For colored wooden dining tables and chairs, use dye to repair the wounded area first, and after the dye is dry, apply a layer of bright wax uniformly. You can also use wooden floor repair liquid to easily remove slight scratches on tables and chairs.

The above is all about how to repair a broken chair in wood. I hope it is helpful to you. For more related content, please continue to follow Lulu International Trade.

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