Why is Solid Wood Dining Table So Popular?

In all the dining tables, solid wood dining table is a material with warmth and human touch, it is not as "stern" as metal and stone, nor as "flashy" as leather materials. Solid wood dining table has a unique mountain grain, like flowing clouds, warm and moistening the body and mind of urban people. Especially in the application of solid wood dining table, warm and full of quality.

Types of solid wood dining table

Pure solid wood dining table

Pure solid wood dining table is relatively expensive. Solid wood dining table has high applicability and better quality. And pure solid wood tables have very natural lines, elegant and retro, not easily replaced by contemporary fast fashion.

Oak dining table

Such a red oak dining table is more suitable for people in small apartments. If we go to the furniture store to see the physical objects, we can feel that this kind of oak Scandinavian dining table is relatively thick and heavy, and the touch of the dining table is also very strong. With the longer use time of this dining table, the more charm it accumulates. Even if we want to select furniture with more fashionable and other design styles later, there is no need to worry about whether this furniture can be matched with oak dining table.

The popularity of solid wood dining table

Compared with any other type of dining table, the solid wood dining table made of solid wood material is more reassuring for consumers to use, especially in terms of environmental protection. The health of solid wood dining table is higher, so consumers buy more. Among them, the purchase of solid wood dining table is very large. Compared with some special table tops, such as marble, solid wood dining table has a longer service life, and the color will become more charming with the length of time, which looks more classy. In addition, the grain of solid wood dining table is softer and more natural, giving it a retro fashionable feeling, and it will not be eliminated by modern fashion. Solid wood block side table is suitable not only for retro styles, but also for modern and new Chinese styles.

Tianjin Lulu International Trade uses high-quality solid wood boards, professional polishing technology, five bottom and three side paint standards, to ensure the authenticity of the product, high temperature resistance, not easy to break, no color difference, zero pollution, and adopts imported production line equipment, which meets the requirements of international standard products, making the product experience more strong. In terms of style, we have a professional young design team, with a variety of style design experience, and support customization to meet the aesthetic needs of various people. Welcome to consult online!

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